Our Vision

The City of Grace is about Training Disciples and reaching out to souls so that they can be saved .

Our Mission

The City of Grace is about teaching the Word that brings Deliverance, transformation and Growth through Discipling every individual until they get to maturity. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirt and Prayer without ceasing by Faith to be able to experience healing, miracles, signs, and wonders in our every day lives. We are dedicated to teach and pursue personal growth. and see our identity change and be transform to the image of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Our Seniors Pastors

God called our Seniors Pastors Samy Bila and Stella Matutina of City Of Grace and put a burden in their hearts to train disciples and equip them for the work of Ministry to accomplish the purpose of God in their lives.

Pastor Samy has a strong apostolic and healing gift and Pastor Stella has strong teaching gift and a ministry to build people, and assist them to recognize and bring out the gift in them. 

They both carry a powerful revelation, particularly around teaching Leadership Class, Deliverance Class and Discipleship Class. Also, they teach on the knowledge of the church the body of Christ and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Samy and Stella live in Edmonton, Canada and they have three wonderful children, Gabriella, Adonai and King