Men's Ministry


The Men’s Ministry at City Of Grace is dedicated to bringing men together for Bible study and encouraging the practical application of biblical principles in their daily lives. This ministry provides an exciting environment for men to grow and contribute significantly to the life of the church. Meetings are held once every two weeks online and face-to-face once a month


Encourage and facilitate meaningful spiritual, mental, and emotional growth among the men of the church. Collaborate with the small group committee to develop groups centered around the specific needs of men.

Programs and Activities

1. Small Group Bible Studies

The vision for small groups is to effectively engage men in the Bible, addressing issues of Christian living, fostering prayer, sharing, and building strong fellowship.

2. Talks/Men’s Forum for Singles and Married

Men gather for discussions and forums focused on developing their Christian thinking. The”Men’s Forum” serves as an introduction for non-Christian men to the church. Monthly meetings, including breakfasts and evening gatherings, provide opportunities for discussions on specific topics and issues.

3. Days or Weekends Away
In addition to regular monthly meetings, the Men’s Ministry hosts day and evening conferences with specific training or teaching focuses for both single and married men. Periodic men’s weekends away offer a positive focus over a short period, building rapport and identity among the men in the congregation.