The City Of Grace Assembly is committed to assisting couples in navigating the complexities of marriage, fostering lasting and successful unions. Through insightful marriage teachings and intensive counseling, our aim is to strengthen marriages, promote well-being in families, and foster Christ-centered relationships.

Programs and Initiatives

Parents’ Night Out
To support couples in balancing their relationship with raising children, we host quarterly “Parents’ Night Out” events. These evenings offer couples uninterrupted time for fun activities, encouraging them to enjoy a date night without distractions.
Healthy Marriages
We organize couples’ conferences at least three times a year, providing a platform for discussions on various aspects of healthy marriages. Topics include strengthening marriages, surviving infidelity, managing finances, and addressing common challenges.
Host a Church Date Night:

During long weekends, we offer couples an affordable date night at the church. Activities may include screening a romantic movie, hosting an inspiring speaker, or featuring a Christian comedian to make the night enjoyable and worry-free. Principles of Relationships (God’s Plan) Topics We Explore:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Intimacy in Relationships
  • Abuse and Relationships
  • Being Single
  • Getting through Hard Times
  • In-Laws – Out-Laws
  • Is God the Governor of Your Marriage
  • Romantic / Marriage / Traditions
  • Fighting for the Family
  • Make my Wife Radiant
  • Keeping Romance Alive in Marriage
  • Meaning of True Love
  • Flourishing Together Spiritually
  • A Love that Doesn’t Leave
  • Keeping the Magic
  • Ways to Date Your Mate
  • Keeping Your Marriage
Marriage Counseling:
We believe that marriage is a ministry in itself, emphasizing the principle of serving others above oneself. Pre-marriage counseling is offered to equip couples with knowledge and resources for a successful marriage. Our experienced couples, who have dedicated their lives to marriage ministry, provide coaching based on Biblical principles. Marriage & Family Ministries offers counseling sessions in person, online, or by phone, working with couples to understand and address marital problems. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 7807104676